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Confined to small, hidden mystery schools for centuries and often misunderstood and misinterpreted today, tantra is not just a collection of techniques to. The book is well respected by the experts in same area but for people who are that much into meditation its had too much information and almost same things repeated. Based on the vigyan bhairav tantra, he gives details of 112 awareness techniques for bringing you into the present moment. All of oshos words are from the the book of secrets discourse series which vary in original recording quality. The book of secrets which contain 112 meditation techniques is currently available from amazon.

So far, i havent read any other book more valuable than this one, and im a bookworm. The secret of secrets, vol 1 osho books meditations talks. The book of secrets by osho is available in print since 35 years and was the first book by him which was published by western publishing houses. You may also like to explore oshomusic satsang meditations. Pdf osho the book of secrets joao zanetti academia. The book of secrets is compilation of osho s sessions on meditation mainly on the ancient indian meditation book vigyan bhairav tantra with commentary and lot more information by osho. In this comprehensive and practical guide, the secrets of the ancient science of tantra become available to a contemporary audience for the first time. In 80 of his daily talks osho unlocks here secrets. Osho, the book of secrets the book of secrets is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in experimenting with meditation. You can either play the files from here or download. Topics osho the book of secrets collection opensource language english. Osho elaborates on the meditation techniques described in the 5000yearold scripture, vigyan bhairav tantra. You could try reading other books first, if you are not familiar with oshos work yet, but this book is definitely worth it.

The book of secrets this is not religion, this is science, says osho, in this comprehensive and practical guide to meditation. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. It will show you the way to bloom how not to remain a seed but to become a golden flower. Select discourse and enter security code as displayed below. The new edition of the book of secrets comes with a dvd of a full talk by osho, responding to the question what is meditation. He learned these techniques in tibet from buddhist lamas. Osho, from his commentary on the vigyan bhairav tantra, in the book of secrets, under a section commenting on the stop techniques, writes. In this comprehensive and practical guide, the secrets of the. Gurdjieff made these techniques very wellknown in the west, but he was not aware of vigyan bhairav tantra.

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