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This book contains all of their quotes along with great further descriptions about what makes zappos the premier corporate culture for engaging employees and performing at a high level. Any customer will tell you that zappos has great selection, free shipping and problemfree returns. The brand is simply a lagging indicator of the culture. How to build a corporate culture of selfleaders dr. Four lessons on culture and customer service from zappos.

See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Submissions are completely unedited except for typos and grammar to give a transparent. Friends, family, hard work, dedication, passion, fun, happiness. In the 2010 zappos culture book, ceo tony hsieh explains the. But if you read the zappos ceos new book, delivering happiness, you may come to believe that tony hsieh pronounced. Each year, zappos ceo, tony hsieh, emails all employees asking them what it means for. Alfred lin leaves zappos to work for sequoia capital.

Submissions are completely unedited except for typos and grammar to give a transparent look into what zappos culture is all about. Hsieh has also written a book, delivering happiness. Listen to what a few of the zappos family members really think about working here. Employees, partners and customers share their thoughts on what zappos culture and their 10 core values mean to them. There is much information in the book regarding zappos corporate culture and the high standards employees are held to. Hitting close to home, not only does zappos focus its energy on its customer base and fantastic service, but also on its company culture.

Its strange to think that zappos, with its communalfamily culture, is a. Download the pdf version of the zappos culture book by filling out the form below. Paperback by zappos paperback january 1, 2010 by zappos author 5. Tony hsieh describes the rise of zappos in delivering happiness. A path to profits, passion, and purpose, i write about how a companys culture and. This includes how zappos hires and fires employees, as well as how employees interact with customers, vendors and peers. Zappos 2010 culture book 2010, paperback for sale online. Zappos culture book digital version zappos insights. A path to profits, passion, and purpose, i write about how a companys culture and a companys brand are really just two sides of the same coin. Monday evening, a new pair of dansko clogs appeared at my door. The mechanistic culture of the industrial age think henry ford defined the.

Tony hsieh releases his new york timesbestselling book titled. Below is an excerpt from tonys forthcoming book that describes the beginning of zappos. Featured investment articles 2, financial independence 8, ford motor. And just like that, the idea for the zappos culture book was born, and its been a. The premise of the book is to investigate the result of businesses that decide to focus on expanding the skill sets of all of its employees, rather than just the top performers. The culture book is a collage of unedited submissions from employees within the zappos family of companies sharing what the zappos culture means to them. Culture would guide the discretionary behavior of the company. Zappos, the online shoe retailer, is legendary for its employee culture and customer service. Zappos places great emphasis on company culture and core values. But where do you start when trying to create, or even nurture, your companys culture. Employee input is solicited for the publication of the first culture book. As we continue to grow and hire new people, we need to make sure. Zappos retains corporate culture after amazon acquisition the.

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